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Welcome to Gensokyo.

Welcome to Touhou Organization!

Welcome to Touhou Organization, the second largest Touhou group on deviantART.

Founded by :iconsydney-chan101:
Banner by the wonderful :iconshinaraxv58:!

This group is a Touhou universal group, means anything goes. All Touhou work comes here. We wish to affiliate with all Touhou groups, gather fans, and show off all kinds of work. However, there are some things you need to follow like the DA rules and to treat others with respect and all that. This group is also planning to become a super group so were collecting donations from our Touhou supporters for the cause. See :icontanooki-john: for donations. (His user page has the donation pool)

Here are the rules (do's and don't's)


:bulletgreen: Respect all members. Make everyone feel good about themselves~
:bulletgreen: Submit art in the correct folders, so that everything is neat and organized~
:bulletgreen: If you leave comments in artwork, journals, and in any comment box, be sure to either be helpful, positive, and respectful. Constructive criticism counts as being positive!
:bulletgreen: The artwork must be your own. If you color someone's sketch, you must have the original artists permission. This will count under art theft, if you have no permission at all. Be sure to post the information on your art comment.


:bulletred: Be disrespectful and hateful. We don't want any sort of drama going on in our peaceful commune.
:bulletred: Post rude or hurting comments on other peoples artwork. If you don't like certain artwork, don't comment.
:bulletred: Post in the wrong folders. Honest mistakes are acceptable.
:bulletred: Post stolen artwork, or artwork that is not yours. We do not tolerate art theft. Tracing artwork without crediting the original source does count as art theft.
:bulletred: Post Non-Touhou and or spam related nonsense and garbage in the group.
:bulletred: Message us about your work asking us to look at your art/literature/etc. We consider that to be spamming the inbox. That, and it takes up space for possibly more important messages, like problems in the group, or reports on members, that may end up going unnoticed because someone wants their work to get more views.
:bulletred: Submit random OCs and/or characters. We've had several times where people would submit art of their OCs who have nothing to do with Touhou or fanart of official characters that aren't from Touhou into the OC and Fan Characters folder. Please refrain from doing this, as it clogs up the folder, and makes more work for us.
:bulletred: SUBMIT FETISH ART LIKE VORE, INFLATION, FURRY, OR ANYTHING DEVIANTART IS INFAMOUS FOR HOUSING. We desperately want to keep our group clean and tidy!
:bulletred: Promote other groups unless said groups are Touhou-related and may want to affiliate with us.
:bulletred: Submit any ideologically sensitive material (religion, politics, anything controversial), as these topics may disturb members.

You are given four chances. The first and second are warnings, the third strike will result in the removal from the group for a set period of time, depending on your actions. The fourth time will result in a permanent ban from the group.

You can find Touhou games here as well in this link provided.
If you don't know what Touhou is, be sure to visit one of these wikis! Select a language, and start researching!
Enjoy your stay!

Weekly Shoutout goes to...

:iconflowering-yaksha: Flowering-Yaksha!

Little Miss Kaori. From what I've seen from you, even if you are currently stressed, you have some serious dedication to your work. I can barely bring myself to finish up my album project, so I'm really impressed that you brought yourself to working on an entire fangame.

Take as much time as you need off. Stress is a rather strong wall that all of us are met with, but eventually, you will break your way through that wall. Your inspiration and designs for your characters is rather amazing, and the song you compose are just as wonderful

Stay strong, Kaori. Thank you for being part of this group, you wonderful person!


Touhou Sims Mods

For those that want them.

Sims 2:
Most of the characters from HRtP to UFO:…
Some Manga characters, including Sariel and Elis:…
Second most recent entry has the mods. Includes some previously missing characters:
May or may not be Sims 2, but links to many characters:…
Includes many characters, as well as very, VERY beautiful meshes for some of them:
Has some TD mods, along with Kogasa and Hatate:…

Sims 3:
Some mods from Kouj:
A LOT of mods. Cirno's folder has Daiyousei's stuff, Suika's stuff is a Sims package file:…
Scroll through the pages, and you'll definitely see some worthwhile mods:…
Absolutely beautiful mods by PRBBang:…
Even more mods, with some LoLK characters!:…
Touhou items!:
More mods:…
More mods, might have some repeats:…
Also, in the last link, if you want to find Mima's mod, take her Japanese name, press ctrl+f, and paste it into the search bar~

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Gallery Folders

Scarlet Dance by Kanekiru
The Sea Where the Home Planet is Reflected by prismpower
Reisen udongein inaba  by zachthehedgehog97-2
Star-Spangled Spectrum by prismpower
The Older and Mid-Term Games
I drew this in biology class lmao by EpicGuac
yumemi okazaki by EpicGuac
|Shinki by Alexandrevla
Touhou: Shinki and Yumeko by Bimep
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Toon Flandre Scarlet by Daemoniken
Remilia Scarlet by teasmacker
Scarlet by Zakiu-Cross
Flandre Scarlet by Ayamon
Perfect Cherry Blossom
Touhou Comic - Herbal Tea by Pierrelucstl
Toon Yuyuko Saigyouji by Daemoniken
Toon Ran Yakumo by Daemoniken
Sakuya no doutei wo korosu Sweater by redappplep
Imperishable Night
Fire lady by NickolasCat
Chibi Wriggle Nightbug by Daemoniken
Smoking Mokou by thaiglasses
Chibi! Kaguya by thaiglasses
Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Yuuka Again by SketchingjoyJL
Touhou~ShikiEiki Yamaxandu by dream-thunder
Tei Inaba with Chirno and  Melancholy by amaamakamikami
Komachi Onozuka by SketchingjoyJL
Mountain of Faith
Chibi Nitori Kawashiro by Daemoniken

Mature Content

CqEC401UAAA0ng1 by amaamakamikami
Shizuha Aki by teasmacker

Mature Content

Virgin Killer Suwa by BuddyAnynomous
Subterranean Animism
Utsuho by Tooyz
Welcome to  hell by EvilCoco95
The Empty Eyes See by smartcookiethepony
*snooze* by ManaManami
Undefined Fantastic Object
46408502 P0 Master1200 by amaamakamikami
A Visit to Makai by MAB-8942
Kogasa doodle by ManaManami
Little Cloud by KaliRift
Ten Desires
Miko by Cyber-Meta
Miko and Seiga story about the past by smen1884
Upperdog by TomomiChan1
Mononobe no Futo by Chibikki-ikki
OC and Fan Characters
Touhou RoT - Muukei Cheshire by Flowering-Yaksha
Touhou Cosplay
Yukari Yakumo by SoulDary
Darkness by MPanda01
Other Touhou Projects
Suika time by HowSplendid
Memories of Phantasm

Mature Content

Phantasm 8 Be Like by MarioSonicHQ
GMod and SFM
GMOD - Suika and her Gameboy by thebestmlTBM
Cirno and Great Fairy Wars
Toon Daiyousei by Daemoniken
Stamps, .GIFs, Spirtes, and Pixels
Scarlet Devil Mansion by Iormi
Double Dealing Character
Sekibanki by J15Camilo
Hopeless Masquerade
I'm Going to Call You Now, So Answer the Phone! by schizosvenia
Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler
Wind God by smen1884
...Well this is awkward. by zachthehedgehog97-2
The Flight to Freedom by kaztah
Full View: Month of Hearts by chromatech
Witches' Ball ~ Magus by ReimuHakurei2
Touhou Fan Made Games
Touhou ~ RoYM Jewelcase [Extra] by NestorLight
Run! Blacko Run! by BlackHand327
Custom Touhou Models and Designs
New Redbubble Designs up for sale! BUY THEM by UglyTree
ZUN Style Frameworks
Tenshi Hinanawi by Sydney-chan101
Marisa's Mini-Hakkero by smen1884
Flash and Animations
[FLASH] Viva Rock by dihaiqal
Fighting Games IaMP, SWR, UNL, ULiL
Kasen Ibaraki by Sydney-chan101
Main Characters
Youmu by DanteWontDie
Koumajou Densetsu Touhouvania
Autumn by Kunochai
Groups Pics and Ships
.::MMS::. Sub-Youkai Partners (Set A) by Youkai-Minori
Flandre Scarlet by GS-Mantis
HOW by Kirby-Dash
Sketches and Line Art
Sanae is sick by Generalmaster
Touhou Art Toutorials
touhou Suwako Moriya [YouTube process] by permanentlow
Spell Cards
New Year's Fantasy by XenixIllustration
Touhou Trading Card Game
Flandre Touhou Card by lakkurakku
Sprite Sheets and Fangame Ref.
The Book of Star Mythology by Iormi
Traditional Artwork
Utsuho by technichromatic
Alternate Outfits
Mexican Iku by Potato-Yi
Impossible Spell Card
Huh? by tinkatiranor
Touhou-Related Journals
Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Here's your chocolate! by tinkatiranor
Group Banners
Touhou Organization: Maristar by ShinaraXV58
Spritemania Contest

Mature Content

Remina Blazblue Version by ShinaraXV58
Koto Inari
No Eat by kotoinari


Reimu Hakurei by Staubzucker
Story Of Western Wonderland by Lodratio
[RQ] Purple Heart cosplay by ComicaDreams
Marisa Kirisame by justplushie


Group Info

The place for all of your Touhou needs and cravings!
Super Group
Until Jan 15, 2018

Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 3, 2013


Group Focus
Fan Club

1,546 Members
1,428 Watchers
59,576 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Countdown to Spritemania Contest

Countdown ended
Sunday, February 5th @ 12:00am

The Spritemania contest has ended.
If you ever want to give a valentine to your friends (fellow touhou organization members), be sure to use this.…

To all my friends and members of Touhou Organization. ....

Happy V'day 2017!
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Sydney here, I feel like the Spritemania contest didn't achieve much... Should I call it off entirely? 

17 deviants said No, don't disappoint the people that participated.
4 deviants said Yes, not a lot of people, if any, attended.

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DeityDiz93 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hey, you guys got super group status, nice!
guroko Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I started a group specifically for Touhou Fancharacters- TouhouOC - and was wondering if you'd like to promo us? If not, that's entirely fine.
Kirby-Dash Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
So let me see if I understand well. Can I post journals with videos of mixes I've made to the music folder? Or should I put them in the journals folder?
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, you may do the first option.
Kirby-Dash Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, thanks for clarifying that. ^^
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guess who just affiliated with you~ 
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you also know of anyone who is good at making and animating 3D backgrounds for the stages?
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, sorry, I'm afraid I don't. ;v;
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You wouldn't happen to know of any sprite animators, do you? I need them for my fangame. ^^;
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm. What kind of sprites do you need?
I might be able to help if they're really small.
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, some player/boss sprites for my Touhou fangame. We could use an animator. ^^;
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm. I'm unable to animate, but I could try working on the sprites.
Ask to see if 963Delta-Studios from the WSW would be up for animating.
(1 Reply)
Flowering-Yaksha Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, how come I can't submit to the Requests and Commissions folder?
FathiFirdaus Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Thank you for Accepting me to the Group.
BuddyAnynomous Featured By Owner Edited Oct 10, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
woah that was fast! thanks for the accept and expect more Touhou deviation from me! =3
Leepy-Leep Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Awe678 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
Is fan made characters seen in mugen that have a touhou character as its base alright like oni miko, the wicked laws witch, nirvana, and other known mugen characters okay here? Sigh problem is Im no good at being a artist or writer. About the wicked laws witch think of her as a evil or possessed marisa. She has some ridiculous attacks up her sleeve. Thing is taking her down is a very difficult task because she has a bit of a time limit before she promptly uses her most powerful move. I think you have a minute at least to defeat her. She has what I call the blood spark which is a evil variant of well marisas signature attack.
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No. That, sadly, does not count.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Awe678 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
Just curious that's all
Just submitted a gif to the animations folder, however, looking back at it I'm not sure if it fits there...
If it's in the wrong folder could someone please move it? (I hate it so much when folder categories overlap... lol)

Also I still can't seem to contribute to the AU folder.
Sydney-chan101 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be more than happy to!
And, I've tried for a few hours, I can't seem to fix that. Have you tried clicking in the folder and selecting the submit button that's in it? (If it shows for you)
EvilNazgul0616 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
I've tried that already, the "contribute to this folder" button is not showing up for me.
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